A Tribe is a collection of clans that operate as a cultural entity encompassing political, economic, and military roles. Tribes tend to act as autonomous organizations within nations, they tend to be structured around ethnicity rather than geography.



Tribal Leadership

Tribal leaders tend to be informally recognized rather than formally appointed. They rise to Leadership through traditional succession, ceremony, and recognized expertise.
  • Ruler a Chieftain is the ruler in a Tribe. They are the individual who wields the most influence in the tribe. Chieftains typically step down when they feel they are too old to fulfil the requirements of the office. they personally appoint their successor.
  • Consort The Saxchu is the Consort to the Chieftain is typically a member of a separate clan than the Cheiftan; this cements the two clans within the tribe.
  • Counselor Elder are the oldest members of the tribe; Elders are relied upon to advise the village leadership. Frequently ascended elders are retired former chieftains.
  • General Warchiefs marshal the tribe's military forces in times of war.
  • Grand Diplomat Sherels are tribal diplomats; they specialize in mediating tribal conflicts
  • Heir A Rohli is the appointed heir of a chieftain.
  • High Priest A High Shaman is the highest religious advisor in a tribe.
  • Magister A Skrugtu is the chieftain's favored Magician.
  • Marshal Rouser are responsible for sounding the call to battle.
  • Enforcer A Yeshed is a tribal member under the chieftain's patronage who acts as an ardent supporter of the chieftain.
  • Spymaster- the Chief Scout of a tribe is responsible for feeding intelligence to the leaders of the tribe.
  • Treasurer: The Traqov is the most prosperous member of the tribe.
  • Viceroy- Intertribal patronage is asserted by the use of Foster Hostage; those are the children of prominent members of client tribes kept at the patron tribe to ensure compliance.
  • Warden Hunter Chiefs patrol the fringes of tribal holdings monitoring the movement of animal herds and potentially hostile forces.
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