A mostly informal group of criminals, often associated with a specific neighborhood or settlement.



Gangs are made up of several Footpads and Bandits. Some are led by an Operative but most are led by a Boss.  
  • Commoner - Gangs recruit commoners to flesh out their ranks


  • Roadside Brigands- Gangs will often be granted a license to work a stretch of road either as an independent venture or on behalf of a Guild Set. These brigand gangs will attack travelers and steal their belongings; sometimes These gangs resort to extorting a toll from those travelers instead.
  • This is My Turf- New gangs are typically very disruptive to the area they operate in. When other gangs occupy the territory thet most certainly rise to challenge the upstart gang.


Gangs require no recognition from an outside body to operate. a group of individuals can declare themselves a gang and no further action is required to make it so, should they choose not to. Adventure parties frequently descend to gang status; parties that shakedown shopkeepers for discounts, recklessly destroy property, or murder civilians for minor torts are little more than small gangs. These groups soon find themselves pursued by law enforcement.
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