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Sashana Desert

"It's like a giant frying pan. Filled with sand, stones and: more sand!"  
  • a traveller
  • Straos' desert areas around the equator are divided into three parts: the moderate-temperate Shaham borderlands, the arid and hot Skashal desert and last but certainly not least the inhospitable Sashana wasteland. Life in the Shaham and the Skashal is harsh but possible, but only the hardiest of creatures can survive in the unrelenting heat of the Sashana.


    The Sashana desert stretches across the main continent, roughly following the equator of Straos. The terrain is mostly flat and covered in sand which piles up into giant dunes. A few mountain ranges can be found in this desert as well, although they are nothing more but a weak reminder of the massive rock formations from the early days of Straos. They too will become sand over the millenia.   Water sources in this wasteland are extremely rare and often occur for a short amount of time.

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