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Gomrot (Animal)

"I think gomrots get way too much hate for their looks. Just look at those tiny cute eyes!"  
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  • Gomrots are a common species of large insects which roam the Shaham and Skashal deserts. While wild specimen can be found throughout the area, most of them are domesticated as beasts of burden for various desert people. The daily life of Arachnids living in the desert is usually harsh and unforgiving; carrying their tents and supplies around on their own backs isn't a substainable method. That's why the gomrots have been tamed centuries ago. Together with their owners they form caravans: a nomadic family usually has one gomrot for two members each while travelling merchants can haveup to three beasts per person.

    Basic Information


    Gomrots are six-legged insects with their looks remotely ressembling a cockroach from Earth. An adult specimen can reach the size and weight of a terrestial hippo. Overall their apperiance is considered hideous even for Arachnids, let alone humans. That's the reason "gomrot" is a commonly used insult or nickname for an ugly individual of the desert people on Straos.

    Growth Rate & Stages

    A gomrot's life begins like so many others on Straos: inside an egg. They hatch as larvae which have to be nurtured by the mother (or the Arachnids owning them) until they mold into adults; smaller than older gomrots at first but already fully developed. During each mold they increase in size until they've reached their final developmental stage at the age of 2 years.

    Additional Information

    Perception and Sensory Capabilities

    Although the gomrot has six to eight eyes (depending on the subspecies) sight is it's least developed sense. Changes in light and simple silhouettes are the only thing which can be sensed by the tiny organs. What they lack in sight they make up for in excellent sense of smell and touch; gomrots identify each other and their owners through their distinct smell. Their exoskeleton is covered in whisker-like hairs which allow them to sense their environment through air and ground vibrations, respectively.
    Shaham / Skashal
    Conservation Status
    least concern

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