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Sunset Breed: A reddish-brown variety with dark blue bodies and bright blue streaks of fur in their tails. They are naturally adept in flame magic, and use it to create signal flares that they expel from their mouths. For the most part, the Sunset Quexahetl hunts alone, but if they come across a kill too large to take on alone, they will call for others and work together to take it down, sharing the meat. For smaller game that they battle on their own, they can create small roman candle-esque fireballs that burst into sparks on impact. When they run at their top speeds, they create trails of sparks to ward off any attackers. Their pelts glitter and gleam in the darkness. They mostly live in dry grasslands   Tundra Breed: A snow white variety known for their ability to generate strong gusts of wind from their mouths that cover their tracks. They hunt in packs with pack dens to return to during the night, when they become easier to see. They can’t create fireballs or signal flares like their cousins, but they can expel hot winds to melt through ice, or create small sparks to set fires for warmth. They need to hide at night, because their coats reflect light, which can be good for keeping the pack together, but also attracts predators. The reason that they can’t create flames is because they expend too much heat energy keeping themselves warm. A cave full of ash or burnt wood is how they mark their territory   Volcanic Breed: Black bodies with dark red manes, tails, and ears. They create powerful fireballs that they launch at prey with incredible force, like bombs. Their flame mortars burn brightly, but go out just as soon as they are created. They are the most independent, and will battle others for kills. That being said, a Volcanic Quexahetl will die for its young without hesitation. They have the toughest claws, and will dig out temporary burrows to spend nights in, but typically do not stay long, as they are restless   Woodland Breed: A pale brown body with red-orange tails, manes, and ears. They create thin tongues of flames that they exhibit minor control of the direction of. When they run, they scorch paw marks into grass or wood to warn others of their presence. They seek out dead trees and burn paw marks into them to mark their territory. With their powerful legs, they kick small trees to startle small prey, or to knock eggs out of trees. A Woodland Quexahetl will guard an unbroken egg with its life and attempt to cook them, as they are a rare delicacy. They prefer cooked food to raw meat, as they are the only breed capable of cooking meat with any real control.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

Quexahetl all share similar physique and biology, branching out mostly in magical abilities. They are canines, with long, strong legs for running fast, and running long distances. They have very short tails, with fur that is longer at the tip then the base, creating a conical appearance. Each has a different coloring and fire specialty, but their magic is in the same class with each breed.

Ecology and Habitats

Varies between breeds.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Quexahetl are carnivores, usually hunting large prey in packs, or taking on smaller prey individually, with eating habits similar to a wolf or coyote.

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