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Starside is a world born of magic. Created by the Goddess Ylo, it exists adjacent to our Earth, coexisting separated by a magical Wall. Ylo, the Goddess, is a being made of magic, who shares this magic with all living things, plant or animal. Unique environments exist thanks to this magic, with fantasy animals living in them. Floating islands, volcanic valleys, frozen wastes, all populated with wild beasts alongside fantasy races. Starside is currently in the midst of its first industrial revolution. The powers of steam and coal are now being utilized, enhanced by magic, though technology is as a whole in its infant stages compared to Earth's. While no one blight faces Starside, there is always darkness in need of light. Traveling mages are known to take odd jobs from quest boards posted in towns, to perform tasks to aid commoners plagued by beasts, demons, or even other mages. On the whole, Starside is a land of wonder. Flooded valleys coexist with coal trains, and there is an entire continent unmapped and uncharted, free for the exploring of adventurers; one must only take the first step.

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