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The Exleore is an evolutionary descendant of the Greater Lindwyrm, though they have a natural aptitude for geomancy, earth magic, one of the rare dragons to have such a magical aptitude, rather than fire, air, or water. Their magical abilities are as follows; -they know simple levitation magic, allowing them to fly high above the ground -their geomancy allows them to manipulate earth, carving smooth, tight tunnels through rock -they can also create smooth, clear crystals from stone and minerals

Basic Information


They are long, serpentine wyrms with silvery, pale, light reflecting scales. There are patterns of vibrant red or pink scales that break up the others. Beneath these scales, their is a short layer of soft, mossy fur that insulates heat. Though the scales are sturdier than bare skin, they are fragile and thin, and serve more of an aerodynamic purpose than defensive. On either side of their heads are three filaments, known as ferns; these ferns are very similar to those of an Axolotl, which the Exleore very heavily resembles. In a typical axolotl, these branch-like appendages act as gills for oxygen filtration, however on an Exleore, they absorb magical energy from the air, which they use to fly. From afar, an Exleore can easily be mistaken for a great axolotl. They have a similar pale color and glistening exterior, small arms, and tails. Exleore have six main limbs, which they use to clamber over rocky terrain. They travel the skies in packs, scavenging for insects in sky archipelagos. They use their magic to burrow through the floating islands, creating anthill-like tunnels. Though they do not spend much of their lives in caves, the will call the caves they create home.

Genetics and Reproduction

Exleore lay a single egg in their lifetime, which are incredibly fragile. They will create pockets in stone, coated in crystal, and seal their egg inside. Then, they will stay in the cave, only leaving to find food, until the egg hatches.

Growth Rate & Stages

When an Exleore is born, they are very small, and their geomancy is weak. Mothers will create very small holes, too small for the child to escape through, to feed them with pre-chewed food. Once the baby has grown stronger, it will practice its geomancy by slowly chipping away at its shelter, until it escapes to its mother. Once it is able to do so, the mother will teach it to fly, until it is sufficient enough to go out on its own.

Ecology and Habitats

Exleore typically live in the sky, flying through archipelagos of floating islands. The caves they carve are coated in crystal, so that their soft bodies are not damaged by rough earth, and they will create intricate tunnel systems similar to glass anthills.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Exleore eat flying creatures like birds and insects, or mammals living on floating islands.

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