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Archer Crocodile

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

The Archer crocodile is not unlike a typical Earthside crocodile. It has rough, scaly skin, and many sharp teeth. An Archer crocodile snout is more thin than a regular crocodile, and it’s body shape is quite different. Archer crocodiles are more plump in the torso, thinning out towards the tail. It’s legs are quite stumpy, being more like fins. Though more than capable of swimming swiftly, they are not the fastest land creature. These crocodiles are mostly verdant green, the color of leaves on an oak tree in the summer, with bright red stripes wrapping around it’s body. They have a single line of long scales down the center of it’s back that resemble a shark’s fin. The Archer crocodile’s most distinguishing feature is it’s ability to launch any swallowed water back out in a thin stream, like a small fire hose, to knock insect and birds out of the air to eat.

Genetics and Reproduction

Though they do not move in traditional packs, Archer Crocodiles mate for life and raise children together, until the children leave, after which the original parents will hunt together until one of them is unable to hunt any further, which is when the other parent will hunt for the two of them until death.

Growth Rate & Stages

The Archer Crocodile does not go through growth stages, and instead simply grows larger over time,

Ecology and Habitats

They are native to watery habitats of Faycrest, Cormere, and Abdusia. They live in swamps, lakes, or rivers, any freshwater habitats of a temperate climate.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The Archer crocodile is quite small, never reaching the sizes of an adult Earthside Crocodile so they need not more than a few birds a week to live. Their metabolisms are not as slow as the average crocodile, so they do need to eat more frequently, but never need to partake in quite as large meals. They are carnivorous, and will eat anything they can swallow.

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