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Recently, I've discovered a more interesting way to travel.
— Riyo
  Riyo /rɪəʊ/ is one of the Incorporeal Gods, and the beloved son of Frae and Praudena. He resides in Southern Splore, in the eastern end of The Underworld Abyss. He takes the form of an Ancient Dragonkin with more prominent demonic features. He is the second Incorporeal God, the first being Venkunalis.  

Deity Information


Divine Domains

  When Riyo was first born, his only domains were Time and Space*. He developed the third domain of Adventure shortly afterward. Although unofficially, he is also thought to represent the concepts of Change, Development, and Random Chance. Of the Elements, he resides over Temporal.   * Space does not solely refer to the outer regions of the galaxy. It refers to the material world in its entirety - he is, in a sense, the God of Physics and Natural Law through this domain.  


  Riyo's holiday has no specific date, but always occurs in the Fall after the first harvest. Known as The Festival of Feast and celebrated anywhere with agriculture, farmers gather their crop and prepare a feast, fuelled with revelry and mischief. People are known to prank each other in good spirits. This holiday was initially celebrated by the very first Dragonkin, as a thank you to the God who showed them life.  



The Love of Frae and Praudena

  After The Five Gods of Origin finally finished creating the world, they quickly grew bored. Everything remained static. Ecosystems never changed, and the land stayed pristine. Although their beautiful creation was glorious in its perfect condition, they knew this was not what they wanted for Splore.   The loving couple Frae and Praudena both wanted to give a gift to the world, and to raise a child together. They became wedded and decided to have a child through natural means. During the nine months that Praudena was pregnant, the world slowly began to change. The clouds that the mother was known for slowly began to drift above the atmosphere of Splore. The oceans that the father was known for began to rise and fall in the form of waves. Together, they witnessed the falling of the world's first rain against the surface of the sea.   That night, Praudena gave birth to a son they named Riyo. Because Riyo was a God, he grew very quickly both physically and mentally, having the features of a teenager by his fifth month of living. He was taught during his very brief childhood that he was the reason for the wind blowing and the ocean crashing against the coast, and he quickly grew excited to see it all.  

Age of Exploration

  The second he could walk, all he wanted to do was run as quickly as he could and see everything he wanted. He'd never seen anything his parents and the other Gods of Origin had created, and he wanted to experience it all. Within a mere year, he became the God of Adventure, having such a powerful wanderlust within him that no other creature could ever rival.   The creatures of the world followed suit. As time developed and space was refined, so too did the world's life begin to move to follow their newly-changing needs. Riyo would often take mortal forms to interact with people, and he enjoyed learning about everyone's individual lives and experiences.  

The Price of Change

  Riyo spent the beginning of his life being lovingly raised by his own parents and witnessing the beauty of the world. However, as things began to change, he discovered an unfortunate side effect. Time could result in suffering. Change was not always good. And above all, not everyone had gotten to experience the same love and beauty he'd always known.   The tragedies he learned of did nothing to make him bitter. If anything, it only fueled a new ambition in his heart, just as fiery as his love for the world - his love for the world's people. If one hadn't experienced love, he would give them love. If one had never seen beyond their own suffering, he would take them to the places he loved the most and share his passion.  

A New Home

  This was why, when he learned of The Underworld Abyss, filled with demons and the like who were suffering in poor conditions, his heart ached for them. Post haste, he made his way underground, and sought to fulfill the lives of the damned.   His mother taught him music. His father taught him dance. This was what he began to teach the residents of the underground. Slowly, but surely, they began to develop an identity beyond that suffering. The demons to rejoice in their new traditions became the very first Dragonkin, with a race referred to now as Ancient Dragonkin.   ... But The Abyss, he found, was not only his new home. A mere month after his arrival and turnaround of as many demons as he could, came Illik. Riyo was never one to turn down a neighbor or a friend, so he sat by his side stubbornly until the other opened up to him.  

Death Pact

  The story of Illik and the Ourya Massacre broke his heart, not only for the people who were killed, but for the God. It must be lonely, he thought, to be a God of Love, and to have never felt Love. He, too, agreed that a near eternal life would lead to suffering. To lighten the new burden Illik had to bear, he offered a deal. He would change the world so that people could die over time, peacefully, so the newly God of Death would not have to resort to violence to cull the world's population. In exchange, he simply wanted Illik's companionship, to accompany him to the surface on occasion. He never quite lost the habit of trying to help others see the beauty of the world.  

Modern Day

  Riyo continues to live in The Abyss alongside Illik. He visits often and occasionally brings the former along with him, and when he does he takes the form of an Ancient Dragonkin with a long beard of spikes. He is most often found in bars, but can potentially be spotted in any entertainment venue.   These days, he tends to explore not through physical worlds, but through learning of the adventures of others. With everyone's lives being individual, he knows he will never run out of stories to hear.

The God of Time, Space, and Adventure

Divine Classification
Date of Birth
January 10th
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Male (He/Him)
Known Languages

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