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The Thyorn are a nomadic people who come from the fjords of Thyorn, in the Northernmost regions of the hospitable world.   Because of the turbulent and harsh nature of the land, the Thyorn have to be strong and fearless to survive. Thus, their culture has developed to encourage those who charge without fear into battle, be this with other tribes or against the elements.   The volcanic Thorns of Thyorn can present many dangers to the natives, as can the icy cold winds and the stormy seas. Many a tragedy has befallen a Thyorn when their homestead has come under attack from such forces. A true Thyorn would never shy from racing into an inferno of thunder and lava to save their kinsmen. It is such hardship and loss which has toughened them into unsentimental warriors.   Food and firewood are scarce on the inhospitable slopes of the Thorns, so resourceful Thyorn have to look elsewhere. Although they travel as traders and explorers, the Thyorn are often unwelcome for their crude and blunt ways. This has resulted in the Thyorn resorting to raiding for the materials others won’t give them fairly.   There is nothing near as ferocious as seeing a Thyorn charge. Wrapped in the thick wyearn hide armour with shields of rorswood, Thyorn make a disheartening foe. Their amber, beastly eyes peer from beyond the crimson warpaint. The edges of their razor sharp obsidiron axes glimmering even in shadow. It is understandable why coastal settlements all along the Noryth Sea believe the Thyorn to be the demon plague.   Riding the winds out of the north, the clinker built rorsvik ships give the Thyorn the abilities of a wolf on the waves. Rorswood is as light as a wood and hard as stone; allowing the ships to sail under large masts that give the small vessels exceptional speed. The ships are of shallow draught, so can be brought up to the shallows.   The Thyorn can navigate through midnight fog better than most pilots can broad daylight, allowing them to sneak up on unsuspecting hamlets. Before the tide turns the Thyorn will have disappeared. The only sign they ever existed the smouldering ruins left behind.


Major language groups and dialects

Thyorn is the universal language. Although, the language will take on different dialects depending on the fjord the Thyorn originates from. It is the fjord, not the peninsula that determines dialect, however many outsiders fail to grasp this.

Average technological level

Thyorn know the secrets of carving rorswood, which they keep from all outsiders. It is well known that the specific techniques aren't even shared between settlements, leading to unique designs which can help determine clans.


Beauty Ideals

Strength is believed to be the main ideal for Thyorn; however, it is more the willingness to be strong.

Gender Ideals

There is no discrimination between genders. The Thyorn are all descendants of Yorn, they are all born equal.     It is what a man or woman decides to do in life that matters to Thyorn.

Courtship Ideals

The woman must test the man's strength and resolve by challenging him to fight.   The man has to be able to show he can match her in combat, but also that he has the constitution to let the woman win. It is a fine balancing act and can be dangerous; if the man doesn't like the woman he will beat her almost to death. If the woman decides the man is not worthy she will carry on the beating after he has submitted.

Relationship Ideals

The partners should constantly test one another, they should raise their children to be full of spirit.

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