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Ghostfog is an illness that is more horrific to see effecting someone than to be effected by. The effected can go about life barely registering they have anything wrong with them at all, while the loved ones are left feeling abandoned and helpless. Ghostfog is where the very essence of an individual enters a ghost world, shrouded by the sense of long lost feelings.   More common in areas of historic significance, ghost fog is thought to be the souls of the dead entering the living.   There are many forms of ghostfog; some are peaceful, as if the effected are living in a tranquil dream. An effected person can often be seen floating around the streets and buildings of a settlement, smelling non-existing meadows and conversing with cheerful nothingness.   However, there is a darker side to ghostfog. Where a particularly troublesome spirit overtakes the body there can be drastic consequences. Some cases have seen children believe themselves to be the victims of raiders, the worrying family will try and comfort and console the child, only spurring the belief in the effected's head. This most likely results in the ghost defending themselves with brutal efficiency as the forlorn parents attempt to break through to the suppressed soul of their child. Authorities will frequently come across the blank shell of a child stood amongst its slaughtered family after a case of dire ghostfog. The safest and most efficient solution is a crossbow bolt to the head.   There is no cure for ghost fog, other than to wait out the spirit and see if it moves on. Although there has been reported success with contacting and prying free the soul of the effected, this is only recommended to be attempted with pacified ghostfog.

Transmission & Vectors

Passed through airborne vectors that generally coincide with areas of historical importance.


The spirits of the deceased enter the effected via unknown methods.


No physical symptoms, the condition manifests itself instantly upon effect.


There is no proven cure.   Recomended action for cases of dire ghostfog: shot to the head. Special warning: do not let the effected sense you, if the spirit is an ancestral warrior its skills will be imparted to the effected. Extremely dangerous..

Cultural Reception

Those suffering from dire ghostfog are subject to harsh receptions.   Sufferers of pacified ghostfog are often left for years to see through the hosting.

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