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Galdefeld Horse

Prized for their fleetness of foot and their elusive abilities, the Galdefeld Horse has long been sought after as a mount.   They roam the grassy plateaux of Galdefeld, migrating constantly in search of fresh pastures. Herds have been known to travel over twenty leagues a day in search of prime grassland. This is a feat unmatched by any other land animal known in Spheria Gardia.   The herds are led by a single mare, the Lókrálnő, who will be the fastest and most enduring. The Lókrálnő will typically select the strongest stallion to be her sole mate. the rest of the herd can then mate freely, although most will choose a partner and mate for life.   Not only are the horses fast, the Galdefeld breed is noted for its ability to travel undetected. Many travellers on the steppes have told tale of waking up to find the tracks of an entire herd passing through their camp in the night.   Legend has it that none could catch these mystical horses, until Król Lowzar of Pówzhier had built a fence that stretched across the entire Mezokranya plateaux and conscripted an army to herd the horses into the trap.   The captured horses were tamed, all defiance beaten from them, before they were adopted for use by the Król’s elite warriors. Due to the violent way the Galdefeld Horses were domesticated the horses never trust their rider’s. A rider has to remain constantly in control of his mount and remind the horse they are master, or otherwise risk been thrown and trampled.   The current empress of the Coranimii is a descendant of Lowzar, her daughter is said to be the only person in history to have formed a bond of friendship with a Galdefeld steed. Many reports of the princess being carried across Evergard like the wind, adding to the belief the princess is magical. The mare is believed to be the Császárnőló, the empress of all Galdefeld Horses.

Basic Information


They are typically taller than a man, with four strong legs. Their hooves are made of a tough but compactable horn which allows them to travel quietly, it also acts as a shock absorbent on the grasslands to protect them from injury.

Genetics and Reproduction

The female will select a male for breeding, typically they will mate for life.

Ecology and Habitats

The Galdefeld Horse, Mezokranya in the local tongue, roam the endless plateaux of Galdefeld. The grassy plain that takes up a large swath of north-eastern Evergard.   Long grass is favoured for the nutritional flora present and for concealment against those unworthy to lay eyes on the Mezokranya.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Unknown.   The fodder given by the Coranimii proves inadequate at maintaining the condition the horses easily manage on the plains.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Exceptional hearing and smell, gives the impression of a mystical sixth sense.
Scientific Name
Conservation Status
Since the invention of the musket, numbers of wild Galdefeld Horses have decreased drastically.   However, they are still bred in captivity by the Coranimi Empire, although the Galdefeld Horse is kept in inadequate conditons.

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