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Fangrass fibre

The viciously haired fangrass plant provides a tough, durable fabric used for millenia by the druids of Fenmarsh.   The tiny teeth of the plant interlace and lock together to prevent the fibres unravelling. Although, the teeth do also make the fabric rough on the skin. Most wear fangrass as an outer garment, except the flagellent druids who let the teeth tear at their flesh as an atonement of mankind's sins.   Garments made from fangrass are resistant to tears and can protect from light cuts and scratches, it is not recommended to use fangrass as armour. The natural colour of the fibre is a forest-green, so capes of fangrass are used by many hunters and rangers to camouflage their movements.   Adding wax or fat to the garment will make it entirely waterproof, however it is important to ensure the wax has not worn away, particularly around the seams. Although the qualities of the fabric would make them ideal for the armies and navies of Evergard, the Fenmarians are reclusive and as of yet have no desire to produce the material for trade.


Material Characteristics

Forest-green in colour, fading to a mushroom-brown when faded. It has a rough look to the material.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Itchy to wear but very rigid and tough.

Geology & Geography

Found in the long grass banks of Fenmarsh, the bog lands many grazing fauna means the grass has to be particularly defensible to survive long enough to seed. These properties make it perfect for clothing to withstand the wear and tear of living in such hostile lands.

History & Usage


First used by the druids in the Age of Darkness, exact date is therefore unknown.

Everyday use

Used for clothing and tents.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Ritualistically worn by druids who flagellate themselves, due to the fabrics coarse and scratchy texture.


The grass is harvested by children wearing hide gloves. The fibres are soaked in brine for six weeks to break down the skin and soften the teeth. Finally they are spun together on small hand-spinners and woven into sheets.

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