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Battle Decks

Each player requires their own navy style deck of playing cards, although a standard deck can be used it requires more working out.   The players begin the game by dividing their deck into the van, the body and the rear. They can have as many cards in each as they prefer and can place the cards into any order.   Next, the players each roll a dice for the wind. The numbers on the dice determines the order they play in, the highest having the wind advantage. The lowest roll plays first and lays put their three stacks in the order they wish to proceed. The next player lines their own stack against the others, this continues until all decks are positioned.   Each row is the turned over, one card at a time. The suit and number of the card determines the cards score:   Sails played against oars gains a bonus of two to the card value. Oars played against marines adds a bonus of two to the cards value. Marines played against cannon adds a bonus of two to the cards value. Cannon played against sail adds a bonus of two to the cards value.   If a card's total is higher than its opponents it remains to face the next opponents card, if it loses the card is placed on the burn pile.   Each row is played, the winner of each round progresses to play the next opponents hand. Until all rows have been resolved.   When the rows are resolved the points are taken:   1 point is awarded for ever row won 1 bonus point is awarded if a van or a rear beats a main. 2 points are lost if a van or a rear loses to a main with less cards in the initial stack.   The next battle begins after the points have been taken. The wind rotates clockwise and the advantage moves one man to the left.   At the end of each stage the game can be resolved or continue.   The person with the most points wins.


First played on the triremes of the Coranimi in the early centuries After Darkness. The suits of the cards have transformed with the development of naval warfare.

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