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  A Pegasus is an Equus type creature that is common universally, mostly in the Southern and Western systems. It is commonly used in Papiliosidus though as a famous and main transport or pet.   Multiple Pegasus are called Pegasi. Pegasi have a symbolic meaning in most culture as an animal of the skies and innate talent, it is the symbol of the Sky Country too.

Basic Information


Their anatomy are like horses on earth, only with a pair of wings that are an average size of 45 feet.

Biological Traits

The record of the shortest living pegasus is a few months, sometimes the pegasus is too weak to stand or feed itself, no matter how the parents try, it might not survive in a few hours. The longest living pegasus is 200 years old, who lived in the wild centuries ago and was worshiped by the Idems. There are various height a pegasus can have, depending on how active or the type of pegasus it is.

Growth Rate & Stages

Foal: A foal of either sex less than one year old.
Yearling: A peagsus of either sex that is between one and two years old.
Colt: A male pegasus under the age of 19.
Filly: A female pegasus under the age of 19.
Mare: A female pegasus 19 years old and older.
Stallion: A male pegasus 19 years old and older.

Ecology and Habitats

Wild Pegasus can be found in the plains mostly where grass usually grows more than forests or jungles, they are usually prey animals but do have their own defence system by using their wings to intimidate predators, usually they are mistaken by Dragons.

Dietary Needs and Habits

It eats grass, nuts and fruits

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

According to Universal Life Standards: 34 (Lower than Average)
According to Energy Standards: 56 (Average)
Scientific Name
Equus Ales
Red, Greyscale
115 to 130 years
Conservation Status
Some pegasus are breed in captivity, though pegasus are a common type of animal in Papiliosidus.
Average Height
1.4 to 1.8 m
Average Weight
1140 to 3000kg
Average Length
Average Physique
According to Universal Life Standard: 56 (Average)
According to Energy Standard: 67 (Better than average)

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