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The Ninchi fruit grows just about everywhere on the continent though very few are found in the upper plains or the northeast delta. Its black skin is reminiscent of an apple and hides crisp white flesh. They are mildly tart but poisonous to the Keyaniks. They grow from white flowers that resemble small lilies. The fruit comes into season in early Dunnaka and stays ripe until the end of Tanet, though the later in the year you pick them the softer they will be. These fist-sized fruits grow on small trees with wide sparse canopies. They are perfect for shade and the dark color of the wood makes gorgeous furniture.

Basic Information


Monkey pod type tree, medium sized white flowers, 5 inch diameter black skinned fruit

Growth Rate & Stages

Flowers before producing fruit, the fruit ripens in early Dunnaka and stay ripe until late Tanet

Ecology and Habitats

Grows all over the planet, mainly in forests but a few occur in the wetlands to the northeast,

Biological Cycle

Medium-sized white flowers are shed before the fruit appears, the tree has leaves year-round and is perfect for shade, if there is a period of drought the tree won’t produce flowers or fruit

Additional Information


A few trees(<15) are grown as potted plants in the caves on the West Coast, they have been grafted and selectively bred to need less light and to be smaller, the shape of the tree is used as the design for many moon lamp holders

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The Tec people, Lorcan and Iris eat the fruit, the Keyaniks and the Lorcan use the flowers for decoration, the Lorcan, Keyanik, and Iris use the wood for furniture, the fruit is poisonous to the Keyaniks

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Found all over the continent, though there are very few in the northeast delta or in the plains near the Tecno Dome
200 years
Average Height
10 feet
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Dark wood similar to mahogany, deep green leaves, black skinned fruit with pure white inside, white flowers shaped almost like a lilly but with smaller petals

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7 Apr, 2021 20:43

Already a nice start for the article but it's still somewhat short now. You could create a bit more text for eacht section or make your own sections so you have a bit more freedom in layout. I would also start with mentioning that they grow from a tree before mentioning the flowers of the tree since people will first think they grow from flowers on the ground otherwise :)

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
10 Apr, 2021 11:53

Nice article :D   In the uses section you talk about three different people. Are all of them human? Because you say that the fruit is toxic for only one group. If not, that's something you could explain in a tooltip.   What does the poison do to them?   Do you have any comparison for what the fruit taste like? Is it something that is particularly appreciated by your people? Is it put in any typical dish or eaten during particular festivals/time of the year?

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17 Apr, 2021 14:46

Sounds delicious even though they need to figure out how to fix the poison for some. Lorcans sound like they get the most out of it.