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Sovereign is the Great Paradox, a cosmic paroxysm, an oxymoron of divine hilarity and multiversal proportion. It is the bastion of success and achievement, the paragon of brokenness and failure.   As beautiful as it is corrupt, as forgiving as it is deadly. The souls of Sovereign are beacons, shining brightly against the darkness; kindness, courage, honor … Its souls consume all, blackening the world with greed, treachery, and fear.   On the western continent of Graveslor, Achilles, the Sunbringer, Self-proclaimed God King of the World, has begun an invincible, iron-fisted conquest of continental scale. A conquest that will not stop until all three continents and beyond are under his thumb.   In the east, Great Klavafeld, the Empire of Prosperity, a nation spanning an entire continent, rots at the core, its immortal ruler callous to the struggles of his people. A land where the rich prosper, and the poor are trodden underfoot, their dire but petty rebellions quashed by insurmountable odds.   And in the far land of Ajir, a place of sand and wind, splintered tribes struggle to survive in a hostile land against foreign oppressors, while other, lesser men prosper from deplorable and exploitative trades.  
  Welcome to Sovereign.   Here, you will fine kindness and cruelty, honor and fear, joy and grief. Here nature and life are cast aside for industry, and greatness is inhibited by depravity. Hope silenced by fear, humanity quieted by ambition, life destroyed by greed. Reason is a seldom-considered salvation, sought after by those out of its reach, rejected by those that need only to reach out and grasp it.   In this world, anyone can be a hero. Some would say that they are Idealists. They are right. Everyone must be such an Idealist, a hero, to save this world from itself.

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