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Material Characteristics

Thunderstone is a grey/white rock with veins of blue/silvery veins that run down it. The veins often glow and spark, especially with contact.

Physical & Chemical Properties

The mineral is highly electrical and explosive. The magic stone explodes under pressure, generating large booming thunder and electrical pulses.


If extracted the thunderstone can be refined to thunderdust but the process is extremely dangerous but produces a more explosive compound.

Geology & Geography

Thunderstone is found deep undeground, found in small quantities worldwide but found in large quantities in the mountains that Foji is settled in.

History & Usage


Rumours of the resource go as far back as books do but were always found in small patches. Some say it is the blood of Galetaer that fell during the first war. In more recent years a large mine of it has been formed in Foji.

Industrial Use

The innate magic power of the stone has been used in the technological advancements of tinkering. When contained it can be used as a power source. The tone has also been used to create thundercannon, a highly powerful but highly unstable ranged weapon.

Reusability & Recycling

The product cannot be reused as its use causes the material to explode and shatter.


Trade & Market

Due to the power and rarity of the mineral, it is a military luxury that is sought after by individuals and international powers. Its is closely guarded by any who have it so if it's being bought it probably had been stolen before.


The material is highly explosive on contact so is normally stored in some sort of soft padding but no requirement for temperature control is needed.
There is no average value as it is not commonly sold so if sold it is ridiculously expensive.
The rock gives of a earthy fragrance, like the air after a storm.

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