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The Stratin Wastes

An arid wasteland north of Ocolil and Belnik Shokal. Known for it’s strange heat mirages, and the stranger occurrences when the object, building or temporary lake isnt a mirage.   Inhospitable and dry, the cracked ground of the Wastes radiates heat that often produces mirages. The natural mirages coupled with hot and cold wellsprings and a magical aura about the area makes the place seem positively ghostly. In spite of this, a few scattered structures have been built over the ages, burial grounds, temples, wells, and more have turned out to be real, surprising weary travelers who come across them.


Nearly flat and gradually declining to a basin in the middle of the Wastes, the constant horizon lies slightly above you and just out of reach no matter how far you walk.

Fauna & Flora

Some of the rarest creatures and plants grow in the Wastes as they are largely unaffected by outside influences. The few real oases out there are full of large, mutated plants and animals.   The wastes is the only place in Sorenthis one might obtain:   Daybloom lilies: A soft, cream yellow flowering plant that glows with the sun's energy and when mixed in a poultice has healing effects   Knoxford Tangleweed: A tangleweed variant that curiously grows underwater in the shallow oasis ponds of the Wastes, known for their rumored medicinal properties and excellent sharp taste   Nullweed: A curious plant that produces purple leaves and ribbed roots that nullify anything that isn't mundane for a significant amount of time, while it usually doesn't bother small mammals, it is a defense against the more magical creatures that would ravage the bush for the sweet tasting plant flesh. If prepared carefully, it could become a poison to nullify magic potential or even in concentrated doses... kill the magic entirely.

Natural Resources

A parent to rich mines and vast unexplored stretches of ground, the Stratin wastes yield little to those not seriously invested in gaining wealth in risk of their lives.   Part of the danger however, is a significant reward, as many of the more rare types of creature can be found building nests in the wastes, using their acute senses to safely traverse the area.


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