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Solbainne Okushokal

The moonlight shines down on the grey stones of the temple, ornately carved with etched lines that follow the structure from top to bottom. Like a thrice tiered pergola, the pillars that replace supporting walls are wrapped in the gentle silver light. A staircase of smooth, white, seabed marble ascends in a wide loop to the second floor, this floor glowing even brighter, cresting onto a balcony. The pillars of the second pergola are made of the same white stone as the stairs, polished perfectly as to reflect the light all around, refracting off of prismatic crystals inlaid into the rail of the balcony and the pillars themselves. Another flight of stairs, made of a dark and rough rock. Easily mistaken for pumice or another lava rock. Thought that might be the case, this stone was harvested from an ancient meteor and placed here on the final way up to the third Pergola. When the way is unbarred, one might behold the observatory. A massive glass lens that amplifies the night sky during the night and goes translucent during the day. Finally, upon a pedestal, one of many pedestals and chairs of this room, lies a sight stone. Ancient. Powerful. Alive.

Purpose / Function

The greater purpose of this temple is unknown, though local Wulver populations in the area have used it for eons to "Speak with the moon."   A popular tourist destination, many folk visit just to see it's beauty when the moon is full and the clouds are out of sight. It is known to become incredibly romantic.   Often, wizards and enchanters will also visit the temple, gaining express permission to use the sight stone and Moonforge atop the temple to scry, create magical items, and so forth.


Enter-able on all sides, the temple was made to minimize blind spots and have a natural feel, as if seeing the night sky through the trees of an ethereal forest.

Special Properties

The stones each interact with light differently. Shining the brightest under moonlight, the dull grey first floor often gives off a gentle aura, enough for you to blink a few times when first seeing it. The second floor reflects a more direct light, using crystals to ampilfy and re-reflect the light infinitely. The top of the temple is made from the same grey stone as the first layer, though now inlaid with clever patterns of the pumice-like black space rock. These towers do not often glow unless the lens is being used to focus the moon's energy.   It is also said that it reinvigorates ones soul, and is a favorite among Lycanthropes, Elves, Fae, and Celestials, though the feeling of energy varies case to case and might just be rumor or personal experience.

Alternative Names
Lunar temple
Temple / Religious complex
Environmental Effects
Nights around the temple are often crisp and cool. Energy fills the air at night and is quite tangible when the moon is full.

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