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Found deep beneath the rolling sands, in ever descending caves, or comfortable subterranean homes, Glimmercaps are a fairly uncommon sight. Even with science considering them to be among the few fungi on Sorenthis that are not directly affected by or capable of carrying the Lore Plague, it still tends to unsettle people who are not used to it's enchanting glow.   While it's gentle light is it's most common use, it is also known for it's medicinal properties, being crushed into a thick paste in a mortar and pestle becoming a soothing balm, and anti-inflammatory.   Considered a delicacy in some parts of the world, the thick stalk and bell can be diced and boiled until their glow fades, leaving a sort of tangy taste on foods it garnishes.

Basic Information


Glimmercaps take root in damp areas where the stone is softer or full of cracks where they can harvest dust and other nutrient rich composites in the area. As it develops, it grows a thick stalk topped by a Cap that protects the plant and regulates light distribution based on species.   Standard Glittercaps shine light from the veil of their Cap (The outermost skin) in many beautiful colors. Colors could change color depending on the habitat, ancestry, or diet, so breeding farms of particular colors of glittercap spores have become rather profitable as of late.   Lampshade Glittercaps only shine light from the underside of their caps. This leaves the top of the bell a pale pinkish gray of opaqueness. When Lampshade Glittercaps release spores the spores will glow brightly for several minutes before going out.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

While primarily employed across the Necropolis, SandFell, StoneHolm, and other underground living spaces, they are found in caves at extreme levels, deep below or far above sea level.

3 months
Average Height
4-9 inches
Average Weight
30 ounces

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