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Ebernasi is a tinkering town, named for the blacksmith Eber who crafted the gear that The Paladin Verigan of Coranthaw used in his legend. While others delve deeper into the crust of the world in search of the riches of the elder civilizations, they build the gear by which more effective and safe expeditions may be made. While others study magic, they bind spellbooks and develop and cut the implements essential to casting.


The best crafters sit at the top of society, with the entire town fighting to sell newer, better, cheaper equipment, you have to be top of the line at all times to be the best, but some will settle for the great production jobs and little tinkering projects.


Eber's heart is a great crafting center in the middle of town, a furnace and electrical plant that powers the entire city night and day yearound. All Eberyns are required to pay a pennance to live there once they turn 17 and graduate academy. This can come in an offering of coal, money earnings, or inventions that make the process much smoother. The Eberyn police forces are in charge of delegating what work needs to be done for the community. If you do not do your part your project is likely to get shut down. Every cog works together.


Eberyns do their trade in anything they can build. But mostly tools for exploration of dangerous caves and such.


The town is sprawling and confusing built on solid ground, in and around the cliff face, over the edge, on top of other buildings, and under the sands, everywhere electric and magical lights glow and steam and smoke belches into the sky

Large town
Inhabitant Demonym

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