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Calefactorride: The Primordial Flame

A metal found deep underground, rumored to have been part of the core of Sorenthis, before the seas came and made land of the Genesisa era. A black metal that has a smooth, almost chalky surface. What makes it unique is that it absorbs heat abnormally easily, and holds it for an incredible amount of time, glowing orange up to years after being exposed to heat. Hence early discoverers referring to it as "Primordial flame."   Unfortunately, due to it's ease of absorbing heat, forging it is incredibly difficult as it's melting point is obscenely high. If the user could mold this metal though it has many practical applications, most commonly it is combined with iron to become more rigid and become an alloy dubbed "Sun Steel" which is often forged into tools and weapons.   Calefactorride is also used rather popularly as a spell component as the energy it is capable of absorbing is quite impressive.

History & Usage

Industrial Use

Capable of holding extreme heat for incredible amounts of time, Primordial flame is often forged into blades for tools dealing with wood and metal, drill bits, surgical implements, and pens.


Though there are ways of protecting one's self, it is extremely dangerous to leave such a metal unattended as objects that make use of it have been known to burn through floors, clothing, walls, flesh, straps, and more.   It also releases a gas when it is heated beyond it's melting point. This gas is incredibly dangerous if inhaled in great amounts, proper ventilation, and medicinal precautions are always recommended.

Beginning black and changing colors due to heat. Beginning a soft orange, then turning red, then yellow, then finally white with heat. Though a skilled smith can influence the colors it glows with natural pigments as it's melted.
Boiling / Condensation Point
6000 Degrees
Melting / Freezing Point
5590 Degrees
Common State

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