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One of the choice mounts of the desert denizens of Sorenthis. A coldblooded Lizard that walks on two heavily muscled legs and fights with a protruding crest made of a keratin-like substance. Chosen for their superior survivability in deserts and ease of breeding, The Baskilor has become a staple of Sorenthian travel for many years.   Sadly, these creatures no longer exist in the wild, though their ancestral cousins have walked this plane for eons, even being historically used in a similar capacity during the Burning Sands Era, The Baskilors that exist today are have evolved to be the perfect pets and mounts.


It's powerful legs

Weapons & Armament

A kick from a Baskilor can easily break rib or sever limb so handlers are advised to be cautious. But the piece de resistance is the bashing crest on it's head. Used in the wild to obtain food and fight over territories and mates, when tamed, they can be used as bashing weapons, decorative crowns, or both at the same time.

Armor and defense

Natural Scale mail.


Eyeballs, Ears, Nose.

Similar price to a horse, though drives up depending on patterns and horn structure
Anywhere between 5-9 ft nose to tail
7ft standing upright crown of head to base of foot average.
40lbs as a young and up to 2200lbs as an adult
45 mph at full tilt, but traveling speed will often get 25-30 mph with stops along the way
Cargo & Passengers Capacity
Typically 2 passengers and 2 saddlebags stoked with 500lbs of gear at a time

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