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Widely considered to be one of if not the most dangerous creature on Sorenthis. The Baelguise is a massive creature reminiscent of a dragon, but thought it might share heraldry with the mighty race, this monstrosity has evolved in it's own way.

Basic Information


Standing atop four digitized, muscular legs accented with talons, spines, and armor plating at the base of the leg, armed with four leathery wings that flap in tandem with each other as two pair, and a long, barbed, whip-like tail, The Baelguise is a force to be reckoned with.

Genetics and Reproduction

Baelguises hatch from eggs, laid in a den and protected by the mother.

Growth Rate & Stages

A Baelguise often matures completely in two years and have a life span of up to 120 years. Infant Baelguise will be kept safe in the den of their mother by their mother until they are old enough to fly for themselves and leave her siring. While after two years the Baelguise might have the capability to be an adult, that doesn't mean it's in any way experienced or built. Elder Baelguise are easier to spot by the size of their crests, battle damage, growth of their spines and plates, (as they never stop growing but are only shorn off in combat) and in the field experience.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Baelguise are omnivores that are capable of adapting to most any needed situation. Planning their attack from the air and executing it to the best of their ability is their forte.   They hunt creatures in typically one of three ways, Snatch, Slam, and Subjugate. While Snatching a victim they will dive from above and grab their target, using their back legs to kick against the ground and gain some altitude. While Slamming a victim, often employed against large groups of small things or great armored things, the Baelguise drops from the sky and slams into the ground creating a crater and shockwave the destabilizes and even kills the target and those around it. While Subjugating a victim, the Baelguise will locate it's nest and slowly pump delusion inducing neurotoxins into the nest, forcing creatures to flee, slowly, as if they were sleepwalking. Sometimes, the creature will even evacuate young, larva, hatchlings, and eggs, only to be attacked by the waiting Baelguise.    Baeltoxin, as it has come to be known, can be administered through the fangs in high doses, or vaporized and breathed into an area. The venom sacks are held in a hollow between the skull and the crest, and anyone lucky enough to find a corpse, or brave enough to go hunting one should harvest this powerful poison as it's market price is impressive.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Often hunting around twilight when daytime creatures retire to sleep and nocturnal creatures appear, the Baelguise detects it's prey with 2 sets of eyes, the first two are for normal sight and have very capable night vision, the second pair, slightly above and farther back, detect movement and expand the visible range of the creature. It is speculated that the Baelguise can see UV light with their second set of eyes, but that has yet to be properly tested.     Sound it processes through the crest on it's head, picking up vibrations that are traveling through the air as it flies.

Conservation Status
Huntable at your own risk.

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