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La maldición de los Renegados

Write about a disease with an unknown origin in your world. How do people treat it?
  The Russian desperate attack that ended World Civil War created The HOLE and almost destroyed the planet. But for the people living in ex-New Mexico it sure was the end of the world. They even witnessed the dissipation of the gravity field of the planet. But some of those people survived. Amogst the very few people that survived their genes were mutated by a still to be discovered cause. All of their genes were mutated. These people are called Los Renegados. Having no place to go they set their own community just outside the perimetere of the Hole. Their condition prevents them to be able to install a port for the NETWORK. They are mostly psychological instable people due to their condition which makes them having allucinations about phantoms and hearing voices, but apparently their visions are somehow consistent across the people of the community. Since they have been living in a small community for at least a century to this day there are some gene mutations that have been observed in their offspring. Especially scientists are fascinated by los renegados immunity to the rabies and their ability to bear pregnancy with owners of the devil gene's tribe. These to genomes seems to be completing each others for characteristics and innative abilities. Simulacra secret shadow organizations is said to be behind the abduction and disappearence of children which are second gen devils gene bearer inside Los Renegados Community. The illness associated with the full Renegados spountaneous gene mutation is locally called La Maedicion which means the curse. The curse doesn't manifest as a illness or infection, but it can spread. The methods by which the illness spreads are still to be determined. It certanly is not airborne and some scientists have speculated the the reasons have to be looked for in the psychological realm. Almost as if the illness was psychosomatic and you need to have an empatic bound with the person infecting you.

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