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Signus - World of Magi

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Welcome to Signus

Signus is a science fantasy world inspired by the likes of RWBY, My Hero Academia, League of Legends, Shadowrun, Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, and Warframe. It showcases a fusion of ancient and modern societies, technologies powered by magical forces, and the Magi, a group of extraordinary people trained in combat and magic to combat injustice and enforcing the peace throughout the world. Magi are either born with or without magic affinity but all are trained to be excellent fighters, scholars, and diplomats.   A single Magus is formidable, but a group of them, bonded through camaraderie and synergy, is a force to be reckoned with. For now, the story will focus on one of these groups, named Fire Team Zeta.

A World In Chaos

In a time when the world was young, the nations of Human, Elfin, Dowar, and Orkinn races have been at odds at each other in a constant battle for dominion over the continent of Priora. Life is always a struggle for survival: war after war, dissent and discord between nations, and pacts and alliances broken as easily as they are made.   In an attempt to hold dominion over all the others, a few individuals of each of the races uncovered secrets not previously known, such secrets hold the key to powers beyond comprehension, and the methods to harness them. They then shared these new-found powers - which they call 'magic' - to their allies and employed them in hopes to gain an edge in this seemingly perpetual game of war... with cataclysmic results. Disasters, disease, and despair swept the world, and the survivors, once bitter rivals, became distraught with the consequences.   In order to prevent another catastrophe of this scale to ever happen again, the surviving nations agreed to cease the fighting altogether, and instead use their magic to forge bonds and build empires that stand the test of time. They then sealed away their collective knowledge of magic, never to be abused again.

The Age of the Magi

For a time, the world has entered a state of peace. But just as some peoples welcomed this, others dream for the days of battle to return. These peoples soon defected from their allies and began sowing terror and fear from the inside. Unwilling to turn a blind eye, the other nations banded together to impart the sealed powers of the arcane to several trusted individuals, entrusting them the responsibility of using them for good. These individuals, now known as the Magi, became paragons of peace, unity, and order, and are hailed as heroes and legends.   The Magi led by example, and as they know that they can only live so long to perform their duties, decided to establish schools across the continent to train new generations of Magi and continue to fight against chaos in the ages to come.

The New Kids on the Block

Mordekai Murkwood grew up listening to stories of the Magi of old. Those stories urged him to join the local guard and do his part in enforcing order in his town. Life was simple for him, until one fateful day when he learned that he was born with an intense affinity for magic.   After four years of rigorous training and studying in the prestigious Phosporia Academy of Arcane Sciences, Kai needs to pass his internship program before he becomes a full-fledged Magus. Under the guidance of the mysterious Elfin blademaster Erin, Kai, together with his fellow Initiates - Brunhilde, an acolyte of the Farrean faith, and Barney , a brash and rebellious youth gifted with lightning - will embark on a journey that takes him to the far reaches of the Gallanterra Empire and beyond.