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A century has passed since the Riders of the Howling Plains took control of the Shenraq crossroads. From their borrowed throne they rule over the resourceful Ullan and the esoteric Kin. Yet while the Riders were willing to use the strange power which descended upon them one hundred years before, they were never willing to look too deeply into the source of their brutal and complete victory. Now, a price must be paid. While fresh conquests are hastily plotted in the council chambers of Ozeldūn, whispers of rebellion float through the streets below, and once more the winds of change stir in the vast deserts beyond the city walls.  
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  • The Shenraq is a cool and mostly dry continent consisting of smaller micro biomes. The planet itself is larger, and is orbited by two moons. The Shenraq is occupied by four major civilizations defined by their environments and separated by vast deserts: the Ullan of the Oases, the Kin of the rocky lichen forests and black coastline, the Lom Yoksoph of the mountain peaks, and the Itān of the Howling Plains. 100 years ago the Itān spilled out of their homeland and conquered the Ullan and Kin, establishing the Tsoro Ozel: Nation of Ozel. The Lom Yoksoph have escaped the conquest thus far for one hundred years.

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