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  • Elder Tree
  • Treespeaker
  • Sylvan Council

Public Agenda

Preserving nature, especially


Galanthea has historically been isolationist in their methods, going so far as to define their borders by the treeline - anything that happens outside of the forest is of little concern to them while anything inside the forest is their domain. This has rarely been a source of conflict due to their treaties with their neighbours.

Demography and Population

Higher than normal population of Elves, Gnomes, and Changelings


At one time, the Inner SeaTODO was part of The Crownlands but due to ancient definitions of their borders and the regrowth of the forests, it is now a part of Galanthea. As such, Unnisville is officially a part of Galanthea, though populated mainly by people who consider themselves to be ethnically Crownlanders. There is therefore a great deal of cultural mixing there, and travel routes between the countries are well-maintaind.

Foreign Relations

Strong relationship with The Crownlands due to ancient treaties between their rulers. Traditional understanding with Lokkelands, trade between the two is common near their borders.

Agriculture & Industry

A large amount of non-invasive farming techniques have been developed, allowing the harvest of fruits, honey, and herbs in great qualities and quantities. Woodworking in Galanthea is said to be some of the best, and they export many custom bows for archers around the world.

Trade & Transport

Most goods are moved via highways to The Crownlands and Lokkelands. There are sea routes maintained to trade with Artia as well, along the northern coast.


The University of Unnisville is one of the most prestigious academic institutions in the world. For the last few hundred years, it has existed within the borders of Galanthea. Smaller schools exist to train tradespeople, spellcasters, and clergy in various regions.

Our Roots Hold the World

Geopolitical, Kingdom
Head of State
Treespeaker Quirthon
Head of Government
Treespeaker Quirthon
Government System
Monarchy, Theocratic
Major Exports
Lumber and any products made of wood are exported. Additonally, Galanthea has a well-developed magic industry, and exports scrolls and potions, and even enchanted weapons, with great regularity.
Major Imports
Due to the heavily forested terrain, grains are most imported, as are many metals, as mining is only done to extract the most precious of gems and metals so as not to disturb the land.
Legislative Body
Sylvan Council handles minor matters and provides information for decision making. All decisions are made by The Elder Tree via the Treespeaker , whose decisions are considered absolute.
Judicial Body
Sylvan Council handles most arbitration. Complex decisions and appeals are brought before The Elder Tree
Official Languages
Neighboring Nations
Related Ethnicities

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