Shadows' Nocturne

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When Death has no hold and Hell hath no fury, what's a witch to do? Well in Griffin's case... die. Horribly. Problem is, death never sticks.

Disgraced Witch Hunter Griffin Summerville gets a call to take a job back home in Boston that he can't refuse. The usual hunt becomes a spiral into death and debauchery when a dangerous failure from his past crashes into a strange figure from his present. Griffin's had a demon on his trail and when he can no longer outrun him, things take a hell of a turn.

Mortal Consequences is a dark m/m erotica exploring obsession, self-destruction, and delightful violence between a trans male witch who can't stay dead no matter how hard he tries, and a demon who stole himself from Hell.

Ten years ago, the vampire mob enforcer 'Kid Midnight' retired. All Patrick wants now is to live his life, run his bar, and keep his best friend from getting himself killed by hooking up with the wrong vampire. When the supernatural crime boss of Chicago threatens his new peace, Patty has to make a choice- go back in, or burn it all down.

This MM, friends-to-lovers, paranormal romance is a high heat, rough around the edges romp through a supernatural Chicago underworld.

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Dr. Avarin Lark was never meant for a battlefield. In the aftermath of the magical war that took the life of his best friend and nearly destroyed the modern world, he is forced to make a choice. Let his most hated enemy die, or save his friends. He chooses Life. He isn't ready for the bitter, broken creature delivered into his care. This beautiful, Faerie-made thing who has no regret or remorse for the choices he's made and the terror those choices caused.

A slow-burn, enemies-to-lovers, supernatural romance set in the world of Shadows' Nocturne. Where grief must be addressed and what motivates desperation may not be what it seems.