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Seven Stones

Created by

Editorial Team

Welcome to Seven Stones!

Seven Stones is a fantasy roleplay Minecraft server, offering unique lore, custom plugins, and a tabletop-like roleplaying experience. We believe in putting the player first and aim to provide targeted experiences for those who choose to join our community.

There is a great deal we have planned in the way of campaigns and story progression, which will be rolled out as the experience unfolds. Not everything is as it seems, and many features and opportunities may not be be immediately clear. There will be opportunities in the Arcane, as an example, but such knowledge and arts are as of yet unknown to those that live and breathe within the world.

As well, we fully believe in the player's ability to make their own towns, cities, and kingdoms. This will be something available on Seven Stones, although not immediately. While the server is in its beginning stages with a small number of core players, RP will be focused on the island of Belmoor so that RP can be centralized and easily found while we grow and tailor our stories to suit your characters.

We are excited for what we are building for you and hope that you choose to come and experience it alongside us.

Seven Stones is currently in development stages. There is not a release date set as of yet.

The world of Aeryn. A vast realm, united under the Belmoor Dominion and ruled at the center of civilization. Stretching from the dunes of Qadira, all the way to the moors of Corentis. The dense jungles and bogs of the Reach, through the forests of Ederhest, and even towards the igneous crags of Dorholt. United together under the Belmoor Crown, and in service to the divine; The Empyrean King and his Court. It had been ages of peace, of progress, and innovation. The Empyrean provided for Aeryn’s people and the people grew in their knowledge and abilities.

Yet such peace was shattered when one of the Weeping Stones was torn asunder. The stones had stood for time immemorial and hallowed by the religious sects throughout the Dominion; seen as anchors to the Court’s power and the site for pilgrims to gain Divine blessings. And thus, when the sky above Dorholt turned malevolent and red lightning crashed down onto the ground, panic rose. Streak after streak pummeling the earth and striking cities and forests alike, until it culminated into a horrific shriek that was heard at all corners of Aeryn. The strike that broke Dorholt’s Weeping Stone.

A group of templars under the symbol of Titus approached the stone, drawn to, yet cautious of a pulsating black and red liquid that undulated from within. They were the first to succumb to the Letting, as it came to be called. Aptly named, for those afflicted became a scourge of blood hungry, inhumane creatures that sought to spill and consume blood wherever they walked. Encountering them was like walking straight into a bloodletting. At first, it was only the templars who were afflicted with the unnatural urges, eyes burning red and veins under the flesh turning black as the sickness coursed through them. Then it was more than just the templars. Then it became the whole city of Stoneiron. All the while, the Shattered Weeping Stone eeked out its poison, tainted by the red lightning.

Word came to Belmoor quickly, and the Dominion started falling into great chaos. War and strife broke out in response to the sickness. Corentis fell to its own infighting. The Sysian Reach turned on the others and shut themselves away. Qadira embraced the newfound power and revered those with the blood curse. Dorholt and Edherest turned to a frenzy of extermination and sought to eradicate it all together, killing by the thousands. Belmoor closed itself off, and was the only that had managed to keep the cursed from its shores. All the while, the souls of Aeryn screaming and praying to the Court for salvation of the scourge.

The Belmoor Crown eventually opened the heart of its city to refugees. To scholars, to fighters. To priests and to the sick. Dozens upon dozens came by boat and by portal, but they knew it was a matter of time before the Lets breached. Hidden on a boat, crashing their way through a portal blockade.

In the coming days, as the city fills with more and more refugees, the Crown will meet with members of the Dominion to see what can be done. With so much unknown, and so much at stake, the entire world watches to see what salvation will come.