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The World


The Dominion

  The Dominion is the name given to the governing body and structure of the realm. The Dominion consists of the countries of Qadira, The Sysian Reach, Dorholt, Corentis, and Edherest. These five countries each have their own governing bodies and laws, but all of them are beholden to The Belmoor Crown, which operates out of its namesake of Belmoor. The laws of Belmoor extend into every country under the Crown, superseding any authority that should arise in conflicts.

In the years before its creation, considered to be the Forgotten Era (or FE, in the scholarly texts), the world was shattered and broken. Considered by many to be an uncivilized time, and a time of unrest and war. Many myths and legends come from these days, though they come from word of mouth and oral traditions as there are little surviving texts from this time. It wasn't until the creation of the Belmoor did the modern Crown Era (or CE on the calendars) begin.

The Dominion is considered to be established by the Divine, and the Belmoor Crown itself created by The Empyrean King. Whosoever wears the crown carries the blessing of the Court and the authority of order over the Dominion.

Governing Structure

| The Belmoor Crown |
| Archons |
| Magistrates |
| Dominion Guard |
The Dominion is overseen by The Belmoor Crown, the name given to both the title and the object itself. The Belmoor Crown operates out of the Grayn Palace, situated on the mountainside looking over the Bay of Belem.

The Belmoor Crown is considered the highest authority in Aeryn, and is the apex of the Dominion. Disputes and threats to the order of the realm are brought to, and enforced, by the Crown. Underneath the crown are the six Archons, each of whom represent the interest of the countries under crown rule. These archons mostly act as a council who have the Crown's ear, as representatives of their individual homelands. Each Archon has a series of magistrates that work in embassies across the capital cities to attend to smaller matters of business.

At the lowest level of the hierarchy exists the entirety of the Dominion Guard, with its own hierarchy and power structure within. These guards serve the Crown as enforcers for disputes when necessary, but primarily run the everyday law and order of the city of Belmoor.

The Belmoor Crown

The Belmoor Crown is both title and object. When the world was corrupted by The Naught and the nations warred and monsters crawled across the land, it was a time of discord and chaos. The Empyrean King gave the people hope, and with Lord Titus, pushed back the beasts of old, locking them away in Bahryst. With the peace restored, The Empyrean King sent force a Faceless. This Faceless would come to be known as Grayn, and inhabited a smith named Elstor Maron on the island of Belmoor. His presence was unlike any other and crowds would gather to watch his work, seeing the divine work through his hands. He began to forge a crown, and the metal glowed with such a brilliant white light as he worked it that they claim it became hard to look at when it was heated.

When it was finished, the Faceless Grayn spoke. His voice carried throughout the land, being heard by every ear and in every mind.


"Let it be known that a new era begins. The Naught Mother's influence is gone from this plane and you will be at peace. The Empyrean King has spoken and through me, a new crown is made to unite these lands. Whosever is deemed worthy by this symbol of the King will hold dominion over the nations and the peoples of Aeryn, becoming the justicar of order of this new dominion. The age of war is done and will fade from mortal memory. With this crown and the authority of The Empyrean Court behind it, peace will be to follow. Thus it is spoken, and thus shall it be."

Thousands flooded to Belmoor to behold this new crown, many of them hoping to earn the right to wear the crown to see if they were found worthy. The Faceless Grayn stayed to oversee the process. Grayn placed upon many heads, one after another, and each person who wore it became ill, sickened, and weak within a matter of moments. The power and influence overwhelming even the most sturdy and hearty of those that tried. Until finally, one came forward. A blind woman who had lived upon the streets of Belmoor her entire life. One of the Sansare named Diasa, whose surname was lost to forgotten infant years. Led to the crown by a small handful that respected her wisdom, it was placed upon her head. A beam of light erupted from from the metal and the city stopped its movements for just a moment to marvel at the spectacle. The Faceless bowed in his respect, and the smith Elstor Maron was given peace as Grayn departed back into the Aetherium.    The Belmoor Crown Diasa was no general. She was no war hero, nor noble. But during her reign, she became the epitome of justice and fairness. Her wisdom was highly sought after, and her influence was prolific. Some wonder if it was her own presence, or a power within the crown that gave her such gravitas. Whichever it may have been, she did as the Faceless had prophesied and brought the nations together under the Dominion. More than once however, dissidents attempted to undermine these efforts. Fueled by greed and anger, more than once they attempted to remove the crown from her to take as their own. Each time, they were struck down viciously by powers of the Court the moment they touched its metal.    When Diasa passed, the process begin anew. The crown allowing others to touch it, if only to wear it as a test of their worthiness.    Many souls in the long march of History have been found worhty. Many of them coming from temples of the King, others from unknown and unexpected places across all of Belmoor.    In the years current, it is held by the Belmoor Crown Istos Damosid of Corentis, a duskblood Orosian. He is a man known for his patience, quick wit, and poor jokes. Yet his patience is tested gravely as the threat of the broken Weeping Stone presses inward towards Belmoor, and the Dominion ripped asunder by the encroaching blood cursed Lets.

The Grayn Palace

Named for the Faceless Servant of the Empyrean King who forged the Belmoor Crown.

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