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The Separation Tale


Many years ago, before the Great Empires fell, the Scyll did not live in floating cities. We instead lived on the ground, in deserts and swamps. And for many years we were content. Until the Quakes began. Still today no one is sure why it happened, but terrible earthquakes struck constantly. There was nowhere to go. Cities tumbled down, and many lost their homes and some even lost their lives.
A group of wise Scyll met at the foot of Evange Mountain to discuss the problem. Most agreed that prayer was the answer, but who could they pray to? There is no spirit that has power over earthquakes.
Now among this group was a young scientist named Vulind. They had a talent for machines and learning, and wished to use their gift to help. But they did not know how to do this until after yet another fruitless meeting. Vulind was sitting on the side of the mountain, watching leaves flutter on the wind. Suddenly, yet another earthquake struck. But Vulind noticed that the leaves flying about were not affected.
"If we did not live on the ground, but in the sky," they thought, "we would not have to suffer these earthquakes."
And so Vulind worked day and night on a way to achieve this: to lift land into the sky. They managed part of the way, but were missing an essential component: the ability to harness the power of the wind.
But there is a spirit of wind.
And so Vulind hiked up Evange to the very top. And he prayed to Fuldame, Spirit of the Storm:

Fuldame, Spirit of the Storm and Bringer of Lightning
Our people suffer living on the ground.
These quakes have become too much to handle.
If we Scyll were able to live in the sky, we would be safe from this disaster.
I beseech you, lend us your power so that we may take to the skies and free ourselves.

And Fuldame heard their plea. "I will help you," they said, "so that you will not have to suffer this." Loufor, Spirit of the Sun also heard Vulind's plea. "I will help as well. I shall strengthen the sun's rays so that they may harness those rays to warm themselves in the cold skies."
And Fuldame bestowed upon Vulind the Windpipe . "Use this to help your brethren," they commanded, "From now on, you shall be known as Fulnine 1."
And so Fulnine returned and told the story. Many rejoiced at this news, and happily helped him build the first Sky-City2.
But some did not believe Fulnine's story. "He is a liar and a thief!" they jeered. Some even said he was a demon sent to lead them astray. "The Spirits gave us this planet! Why should we be be so ungrateful as to leave it?"
And so those who followed Fulnine became the Celer and those who remained became the Soler.

[1] Loosely translated: Lightning User/Harnesser

[2] Possibly Pisani

Historical Basis

It is agreed by most that Fulnine was a real historical figure, and that they are buried under Evange Mountain. Tests put the remains buried there at about the same time period as the legend was said to have happened (give or take a decade). The historical split between the Celer and Soler also took place about that time, although there are few surviving records besides this myth. The "Quakes" mentioned in the myth may have been the result of risky mining operations the Scyll were undertaking around that time, and it is important to note that these operations have since ceased to be legal.

Variations & Mutation

Scholars debate how exactly Fulnine received the knowledge of wind power. Some say that Fuldame gave them the first windpipe directly, while others say Fulnine had most of the mechanism done, and Fuldame finished it by giving a bit of their power. Still others say they simply give Fulnine the spark of inspiration (perhaps literally: a common depiction of this moment shows Fulnine being stuck by lighting).

Cultural Reception

The Celer and the Soler both have their own versions of the myth. The more commonly known version (the Celer version) is what is printed above. In the Soler version, however, the myth takes a different interpretation...

The Storm Thief

In the Soler version, Fulnine is not a Scyll scientist, but rather a demon (or possessed by a demon) trying to lead the Scyll astray and make them prideful. In this version, Fulnine does not pray but rather outright steals lightning and wind from Fuldame to power the cities. The Soler assert that they were the only ones not tricked by this demon and prophesy that Fuldame will one day reclaim their stolen power, causing the cities to fall and all the Celer to die.

Date of First Recording
5 AS (189 BKC)
Date of Setting
0 BS (200 BKC)
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30 Dec, 2018 22:23

Hello, found this through the article-critique channel on discord. Very neat article, I like the "variation and mutation" section which gives the story a nice realistic twist with different interpretations by different peoples. Just a quick point out that you mix up your pronouns across sentences sometimes. i.e "<They> instead lived on the ground, in deserts and swamps. And for many years <we>(they?) were content. ", "<They> had a talent for machines and learning, and wished to use <his> (their?) gift to help."

30 Dec, 2018 22:59

Thanks for pointing out the inconsistencies. They should be fixed now.

31 Dec, 2018 00:18

I found this article quite good and i like how you added different versions of it. Two different people view the story differently one believes he was a demon and the others savior. It does make me wonder what would happen if they found records from this time and which myth it will support!. Good job!

31 Dec, 2018 01:28

Thank you! And thank you for the favorite!

31 Dec, 2018 06:50

A nice myth laying out the origin of a place and why two different peoples don't see eye-to-eye/hate each other. Plus, a bunch of links to the stuff you mention, and some footnotes for translations :) I do have to ask why only one thing in your article is actually mentioned, and why the other referenced things are merely bolded? I know there are links in the sidebar, but the sidebar might be easy to miss, so it's probably better to use the mention system in the actual article.

31 Dec, 2018 15:17

That's strange, there should be links for most of then at least once. Maybe its because I haven't written those articles yet. Thank you for the fav!

31 Dec, 2018 08:54

I have been racking my brains and have no idea where you could make this better, it’s just amazing. One question though, are the flying cities actually powered by a god, or some other means? If so, what?

31 Dec, 2018 15:16

Thank you! You could say the cities are powered by the gods indirectly, because the Windpipe is basically a wind turbine, just working off vibration instead of sound. It'll be explained in more detail once I write the article on it.