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Litoro is a group of sects of the main Dairukli religion on Nimbus. Unlike the original group, Litoro is primarily monotheistic; while they do acknowledge the existence of the Dairukli deities, they consider these deities to be merely servants of the true god, and thus not meant to be worshiped as anything more. The Dairukli themselves are mostly ambivalent towards the Litoro, mostly seeing the members as loud nuisances. However, violence has occasionally flared between the two groups at various points in history. The Dairukli deities, meanwhile, are mostly silent about their opinions.


There is no larger organizational structure in the Litorin groups, each group operating more or less independently from one another. Therefore, each group's structure is different. Some are lead by a single priests, others by a council. Replacement priests can be chosen by anything from being a child of a previous priest to being chosen by a lottery of all the adults.

Public Agenda

The goal of the Litorin is to contact Mere and gain insight from them, or possibly even reawaken Mere so they may rule again.


Worship is performed mainly on auspicious days, which differ by group. Examples of auspicious days include the solstices, when both moons are full, when both moons are new, and during solar eclipses.   On these days, Litorin gather around the Ether Springs of Nimbus, said to be concentrated spots of Mere's power. On these days, they make loud, raucous noise, playing loud music and calling for Mere to awaken. These loud periods are punctuated by periods of silence to listen for any events that could be interpreted as Mere stirring, such as earthquakes or changes in the flow of the spring.

Listen to the Ground

Religious, Sect

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