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Day 10 of Orispur, Year AKC 804, Cycle 16

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Welcome to the Setareh Galaxy, a futuristic world filled with aliens big and small. Long ago, the galaxy was ruled by the Great Empires, who fought against each other in great and climactic wars. While the empires were once bastions of hope and splendor, one by one they became corrupt, exploiting their citizens, and one large calamity brought them all crashing down.   Out of the ashes rose several governments, hoping to restore order to the galaxy. Some are the remains of the old empires, while others are entirely new. The largest and most prominent of these governments is the Confederacy of United Planets and Kingdoms, a government that presents itself as a more democratic and free alternative to the empires. But even the CUPK is not without its problems.   Enter the humans. Humans are new to this world, having barely just gotten off their small and isolated planet of Earth. So isolated they were, that they have no idea of the history of the wider galaxy, nor do they hold the common preconceptions and prejudices of the common galactic citizen. Many in power are interested in these new creatures, wondering how they will affect the galaxy at large...

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