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Supernatural Suppression

Written by pwrpffgrl

A spell generally used on supernatural children whose powers are too strong for them to control, whose parents are concerned that they won't be able to keep the existence of supernaturals a secret from humans, or whose families want to meld into human society, leaving supernatural society behind. Except in the last case, it's usually taken off after puberty, when the child's powers are more stable and they're more mentally/emotionally mature.   Occasionally, a stronger, much more permanent version has been used as a way to punish supernatural criminals.


Children under this spell are unable to use their magic or see through glamour and will look human even to other supernaturals thanks to actual, physical changes (as opposed to simply an illusion of change as happens with glamour).

Side/Secondary Effects

Memories of magic have been known to be erased from the minds of older children. Sometimes until the spell is lifted, sometimes forever.   In rare cases, aging has been known to speed up to near-human.


Both casting and breaking result in a loss of consciousness for the subject until the spell has settled in/completely faded. Some think this is the body's way of protecting itself from pain since those who use the weaker version on themselves tend to report discomfort where their body has been physically changed.


Like much magic, it comes from a supernatural's emotions. Generally drawn from a desire for safety, though there have been cases where it was drawn from a desire for control (the difference can be sensed by powerful supernaturals and will result in the child being taken away and placed with a new family by the local Supernatural Council for their own safety).


The first cases were supernaturals using a weak version where they simply appeared to be a different type of supernatural on themselves through sheer force of will and lasting only as long as the subject maintained enough focus (these still happen, sometimes). Such cases were studied in order to see if the spell could be used more productively.
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Material Components
Gestures & Ritual
Two fingers are placed on each of the child's temples, then the caster must simply focus on the mental image of the child as a human.
Effect Duration
Indefinite, although if it's not taken off after puberty, the child can easily be break it themselves if they attempt to use their magic in any way (which, of course, doesn't usually happen if the child is oblivious to the existence of magic).
Effect Casting Time
Approx. 10 mins.
Requires physical contact; will only affect the subject.
It's generally taught to any supernatural parents when a pregnancy is announced, just in case.
Applied Restriction
The spell can only be put on a child by someone who shares blood with them. It's generally frowned upon to do so once puberty has started, due to the possible effects on their memory.   All cases must be registered with the local Supernatural Council. Failure to do so will result in whatever punishment the council deems appropriate.

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