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Where dragon hoard lies


  • wyvern stones
  • abandoned slave houses
  • treasure
  • knowledge
  • mural of all worlds
  • representation of Black Fire
  • names of the dead

    Landscape and Resources

    Hel is an abandoned broken land. Full of magma, lava and everything in between. There is not much known about it, except that it is barely inhabitable.   Within the mountain, to the NORTH-WEST lies a dragon hoard, where Amaru, the Red Dragon hatched.  


    Abandoned huts and murals show rudiments of slaves that carried riches through the portal and into the mountain that would serve as Amaru's hatching place. Forced to do so under the inhumane rule of something called the Black Fire.
    Hel, Vaia
    Alternative Name(s)
    Ukhu Pacha
    Location under
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    Cover image: The Treasure by Nele Diel


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