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The Fire Rose

In the city of Natkva a noble widow is giving a 200gp reward for a jewel of Fire Rose her late husband talked about. He was a part of a hidden society.
  • the late husband's journal talks about the piece of a puzzle to the east, within The Murk.
  • going east and coming upon a river, the two stone doorways seem to connect a bridge across a canyon, but the bridge is gone.
  • The Sun Doorway has an inscription:
  • Majestic the fire rose
    In the land where mountains spit and smoke
    From the egg resting on the bed of gold
    Find the hoard
    With the magic don't be bold
  • searching for a key that would activate the bridge they stumble upon a tomb of what looks like to be one of the Fire Rose guardians. It holds the needed key.
  • The Moon Doorway has an inscription:
  • In the cradle of the full moon
    lies the gateway to Ukhu Pacha,
    where the servant lingers
  • Bartholomew knows that "Ukhu Pacha" means "the world below".

  • In the Land of Liberation (Swolea), the group finds ruins of an old temple. Upon it, a symbol is continually shown in the shine of worked-in jewels.
    by GrumpyDM
    Old writings on the collapsed walls talk about:
  • a demon that enslaved multiple civilisations.
  • the Fire Rose is its most prized possession.
  • the slaves were put to work to build a place for the Fire Rose and fill it with riches.
  • a doorway to the east.

  • The group comes upon a portal with many symbols, including the one found at the temple. It leads them to the land of Ukhu Patcha, but instead of the underworld, it is a land of broken earth. There they find a cave with a dragon hoard and pieces of a hatched egg upon a pedestal. The mural on the wall talks about many worlds and more besides:
  • the demon is a human figure presented as black fire.
  • it has armies in its possession.
  • the hatched dragon would be their general.

  • On Torkos , the group tells their findings to a mage, who gets quite interested in the tale. In return, the mage presents the name of the red dragon that hatched: Amaru.
    Wendy and her old group met another adventurer group that is searching for a Fire Rose jewel. A noble lady in the city of Natkva-Tiwa offers 200gp for it.
  • the group was very secretive about their quest, not wanting to share the spoils.

  • Later, Wendy and her old group stumbled upon a dragon hoard and the adventurers that were killing each other for it.

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    Cover image: The Treasure by Nele Diel


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