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Gabriel Messenger

"A girl saved my life. So I will help her cause as much as I can."
— Gabriel Messenger


  • a werewolf
  • can control his form
  • Personality

    Mostly friendly, or at least he tries to be. Perpetually exhausted due to his style of life in the wild or on the run. Can sneak into cities as he is light-skinned enough to fit in, often mistaken for some beggar or a drunkard.   Hovers around TiaAnna Sakaoka as she is his protector as much as he is hers.   He has dominance over his own werewolf transformation, but it takes a lot of energy. He prefers to be in a wolf-state where he can control his more complex actions without almost passing out.  


  • Born: location unknown
  • Used to be a messenger between the cities.
  • Had a lot of run-ins with Night Hunters.
  • Saved from silver poisoning by TiaAnna.
  • Connections

  • Protector and friend to TiaAnna Sakaoka.
  • Always on the run from Night Hunters when in wolf-form. Will stand his ground if TiaAnna is in danger.
  • Description of human form
  • pale-skinned
  • body taut due to living in the forest
  • perpetually tired
  • black curly hair and full beard
  • Race: human
    Class: ranger turned werewolf
    Age: late 30s
    Personality: protecting, but not careful about himself
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    Cover image: Dark land by JAN DITLEV
    Character Portrait image: Night Of The Werewolf by Ayden Plummer


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