The Human Kingdom

A mix of temperate grasslands and forests, a large circular stone castle, with several villages strewn about the kingdom, each focused on a different material (Lumberyards, Mines, etc). The Human Kingdom is currently ruled by King Boof.
The Human Seal is located at the base of the statue in the capital square.


The Kingdom is usually ruled by a King or Queen, chosen from the royal bloodline. However, the previous King had no heir or family to take over rule of the Kingdom, leaving his loyal dog, the now King Boof, in control of the Kingdom. Initially skeptical, King Boofs prowess for leadership was proven by rallying the troops, utilising clever tactics to beat back evil that was laying siege to the Capital, and properly dividing the resources to bring the Kingdom back to it's prime. King Boofs heroic valor has earned him the full trust and loyalty of his people. King Boof is guarded and cared for by the Kanines, an elite group of warriors and caregivers, wearing dog-themed armor and weapons.


Large stone walls & metal gates, ballistae, cannons, army with several regiments of different gear and usage,


The Capital works as a trading hub for caravans that move in and out of the human kingdom to trade with other kingdoms, with their own resources coming from the many villages that dot the landscape. Lumber from Lumberyards, stone, ores, minerals and gems from Mines, Fruits, Vegetables and Grain-base products from farms, meat and animal-based products from farms and hunters, fish from fishing ships. They're also the only Kingdom to have figured out basic gunpowder, giving them access to musket-level firearms and cannons. Forges Armor, Weapons, and various tools / materials. The only thing they don't export is their gunpowder and food.


Large Stone / Wood Buildings, Windmills, Castles, Towers, Lumber Mills, Mines, Advanced Housing, Sewers, Forges, Roads, Bridges, Docks / Shipyards


Gunpowder, Cannons, Primitive Muskets, Variety of metal-based armor and weapons, Ballistae and longbows, valuable ores and minerals, valuable land location, majority control of trade

Guilds and Factions

The Traders guild handles importing and exporting between the Capital, their villages and the other Kingdoms. The Crafters guild is split into two groups, one handles creating new technology and improving existing technology; they're responsible for the creation of the cannons that defend the Captials walls. The other is responsible for forging the armor, weapons and tools the Capital uses. The Agricultural Association handles the agriculture of the capital, keeping track of land claims, total food harvested, etc. The Capitals Army is split into two groups, the Town Guard that handles town defense and peace keeping, and the Templars, a group of evil-smiting peacekeepers that roam the Kingdoms lands, peacekeeping the villages and pushing back any leaking evil, as well as maintaining the seal in the square.


The Capital was built in the image of the Dragons, meant to mimic their prowess in stone infrastructure; as time went on, the humans added their own touches from their culture, metalworking, and inclination to trade, creating the Capital.


Stone Walls, Towers, Roads and the Stone Keep reside within the Capital, with wooden homes, stores and factories littered inside and outside the walls.

Natural Resources

Lumber from forests, Ore / Stone / Minerals / Gems from the nearby mines/quarries and mountains, Fish from the nearby coast, Animals for animal-based products and use in transportation / combat,

fucking never, king boof is eternal

Lord Boof


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