Lord Boof

Lord Boof, King Boof, His Lordship Sir Boof, His Majesty, The Royal One, Emperor Boof

The current ruler of the Human Kingdom, Lord Boof reigns over his lands with a kind and benevolent paw, and is dearly loved by his people. He is escorted and guarded by his personal guard unit, the Kanine, an elite branch of both warriors and care-givers, wearing gear designed after the aesthetics of a dog. He rules from within The Keep, a solid-stone structure built into the center of the Capital, from his Throne (a very comfy dog bed).

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

An Absolute Unit, Lord Boof is the peak of strength, endurance and agility; none can compare to his physique.

Body Features

A beautiful, flowing white coat of medium length, it is soft to the touch, and glows radiantly in the midday sun. A majestic, ever-wagging tail, bringing joy to those who witness it. The floppiest ears, maintaining a presence of cheer and friendliness, no matter the situation.

Facial Features

An adorably wet nose, large and compassionate eyes, and a smile that could bring joy to a blind child, Lord Boofs visage is one of perfection.

Identifying Characteristics

Every detail of Lord Boof, even the smallest, is a shining beacon to his arrival and presence.

Special abilities

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I have no idea what that creature is, there's no way something so clueless could lead so well. There's moments I swear that thing doesn't look like a dog. I've seen it staring at me and others with a gaze that holds far more knowledge than ca
The handwriting drags off the page, the entry abruptly unfinished.

Apparel & Accessories

Emperor Boof adorns his body with a single outfit, the only one worthy to be worn by his caliber;
A gorgeous, velvety blue-silk cape with a silver trim, flowing down his impeccable body and clipping into his mastercraft steel pauldrons; the Kingdoms crest adorns his left shoulder, clipping neatly into the cloak. His crown, a mixture of impressive craftsmanship and defense, it doubles both as his crown, and his helmet, adorned in silver and blue-silk embellishments.

Specialized Equipment

Lord Boof is a master of all fields, unbeatable in any activity he partakes in, or skill he performs.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The previous King, King Vitnas, was ill and on his death bed, with no next of kin or family to leave the Kingdom to. In his final moments, he bequeathed his rule to his Loyal Hound, Lord Boof. While initially skeptical about being ruled by a dog, the peoples doubts were quickly crushed by the incredible tactical and combative prowess that Lord Boof demonstrated, rallying the troops in an incredible pincer maneuver, breaking an attempted siege from Evil, and expertly diving the remaining resources of the Kingdom to not only get it back on its feet, but push it towards a Golden Age. These actions earned Lord Boof the trust and loyalty of his people.


Lord Boofs mind retains knowledge and wisdom far beyond any man, woman or childs comprehension, his intelligence limitless compared to us mortals.


Emperor Boof is the ever-working ruler of the Human Kingdom, serving the Kingdom and leading it in the direction of a Golden Age, his rule unparalleled to any ruler before him.

Accomplishments & Achievements

The Great Lord Boof has far too many achievements to count, but some of the most notable ones include;
Rallying the troops and breaking the Evil-Siege with minimal casualties
Precise and perfect handling of resources to help and improve the kingdom
Catching 100 cloth-balls in a row
Slumbering for three days straight
Catching a pie-thief from scent alone (this thief was then recruited by Lord Boof, and now serves as his official spymaster)

Failures & Embarrassments

Lord Boof has no failures, for he is perfect in his every action.

Morality & Philosophy

Emperor Boof is a Paragon of morality and good, leading by a shining example of how to live ones life; and how to treat those around you.



Lord Boof has a magnificent bark.

Wealth & Financial state

Lord Boof has access to the wide and innumerable funds and resources that he helped reap; both harvested from within the Kingdom, and from the many trade routes he has been helping maintain and forge.

Current Residence
The Keep, located inside of the Capital.
Biological Sex
Lord Boof is the goodest boy.
Radiant blue eyes that sparkle with the hint of incredible knowledge
He stands at an impressive 3'5" (chest)
His Lordship weighs in at a solid 60 Lbs.
Known Languages
Emperor Boof is a linguistics master, fluent and able to understand every language known to the realm; he simply chooses not to speak them.


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