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Nanites are very small particules that fills the neurocomputers of HMEs/Post-Humans. In those neurocomputers, they represent both the actual neurons but most importantly they do the jobs of the synapses. Those microscopic robots are so tiny, it feels like a heavy liquid when you hold a bunch in your hand, not like an actual pile of metal.
If you take some nanites out of a neurocomputer, you can get a few informations on where it comes from: it usual holds the ID of the said computer, but it might also hold the last "thought" it had, which can be a huge indicator. Unforunatly, this can also be true for Viruses, such as the Corruption. This why singers are so dangerous: their nanites, even outside of their shell, stay active and use the energy of their next victim's body to be able to crawl into the HME drive and infect new people.
Impressively enough, another type of nanites, developped by D.D. program 02, is found in the cryogenic gel used to keep the cells fed: they are their in small quantities to collect data on the state of the body: nutriments, oxygen levels, Cell deterioration... Thus giving all the informations you get on the cryopod screens.
Other than that, well. Nanites are nanites. Their isn't much more to say about them. It's a bit like our blood really, or at least what comes the closest to it. It's not organic, but it works a lot like that. Try not loosing to much though, as that will affect your neurocomputer's abilities. You won't loose your memory, as that's in your drive, but speed wise, this could cause quiet a lot of damage...     This article will be edited as soon as Summer camp will be other!!!

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Aug 2, 2018 12:32 by Koray Birenheide

Very nice, I love me some nanites. "they do the jobs of the synapses" that's a bit of a broad statement and I am a bit nerd-curious about it. Synapses are the connecting points between neurons, allowing them to communicate. This happens via the release and absorption of transmitter chemicals called neurotransmitters.   How to the nanites take over this process? Do they attach to networked information storage blocks and then communicate with each other via exchange of chemicals or electromagnetism, allowing the chained activation of these blocks, the "machine neurons"?

Aug 2, 2018 16:30

You seem to have a good grip on how it would work. What I was thinking is that they would be nanite blocks, which take care of information translation. Those are the neurones. And then they are moving nanites, flowing in the machines brain, which take care of linking those blocks and helping the information go from one place to another: the synapses. At least, that's how I thought of it. It could be subject to change if I find anything better than that