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Humans, how unlucky can you get?

So let's see... A species with bad luck? How about the one that decided to fuck the earth up so bad it basically destroyed the ecosystem to a point where they couldn't live on the planet any more before realizing "maybe we should stop"? No? Not good enough.
Fine, how about the one that programmed an A.I. to save humanity from itself, and that A.I. ended up calculating that Humans were too dangerous fro themselves so it just went "fuck it, let's just kill them all. It'll be like turning earth off and back on again right? Riiiiiiiiiiiiight?"
right... What can I say, you have pretty high standards for someone who considers dropping your bread and jam "bad luck". Okey, last try, humans did that thing in shanghai. Heard of that one? They created a suicidal A.I. to stop it from fighting the shut down button. It ended up so desparate to shut itself down it almost completly destroyed shanghai, and changed the way the world perceived technology.
All they cared about was entertainment. Now? They have to prey that one day things will get back to were they were because they can't live with the idea that they fucked up so bad it's unrepairable. They don't to save humanity or save the earth. They just want to live like nothing happened and everything was fine. They just want to do it all again. It'll be different this time. In a hundred years, the only thing that changed about humanity is that now, it really is made of steel.     I swear I'm going to edit this as soon as Summer camp challenge is over èwé It's going to be nice and pretty like my other articles! But write now, All I need is 30 times 300 words TwT forgive me TTwTT
Scientific Name
Homo Sapiens Sapiens

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