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Come on... Come on... You can do this...

[HME S0.000: There is a way... HME S0.$%£: What is it? HME S0.000: It's too risky... HME S0.$%£: Are you kidding me? What is this, a 21st century TV show?! HME S0.000: I'm serious! Station 0 is already doomed as far as I'm concerned, D.D. Program 03 is a failure, and-- HME S0.$%£: Who cares about your stupid program anymore? Humans are gone, we know, there might still be a chance to bring them back but we can't do it with out the other stations knowing about what's going on in here! HME S0.000: You don't understand! If you transfer yourself to another station your file could get corrupted, and you know what that means!      
Traveling physically the distance between Station 0 and Station ADAM or EVE is not only time consuming, it's impossible. We don't have ships yet.
Yet. They're supposed to be built in phase 2 for resource exchange.
When will that be?
Roughly 40 years, give or take...
We can't wait that long!
You can't. I have plenty of things to do here anyways.
There's got to be another way...
There is.
You won't so much "travel" there as you will just be "transfered" there. There's a nuance.
And how does that even matter?
Well for example, you can forget about bringing anything physical with you.
How does that even work?
That's pretty simple actually. You already used a computer before right?
Well, it's like copy pasting a file. The station you're in copies your HME drive and sends it to the destination station which will then atribute you a body.
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