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Space Whales

When, in the course of civil affairs, there comes a time at which information itself has come to life through various avatars, it then may or may not classify as a species. These space whales are not actual animals. They are collective promises between the peoples who are so bored and have so much time on their hands that they may roam for decades in space as a whale, and as the youngsters say "because why not".

Basic Information

Ecology and Habitats

Habitat: Space, usually in a years-long orbit around the nearest star. The mostly empty space provides minimal resistance, and little harm can befall a creature made of smaller invincible creatures.

Dietary Needs and Habits

They feed off of food packets the king shoots towards them, which is required to maintain their constituent people. The whales themselves mostly drift to drift.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution


Civilization and Culture

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

When on dates with female space whales, it is customary to put on a formal black suit with a red tie and a silly mustache. Females often wear sleek dresses and lipstick to match.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Anywhere between 10 and 100 years, with several exceptions.
Average Weight
300,000 lbs
Average Length
80 ft
Each member, depending on how many there are, must take on a role in the normal bodily function of the whale. Once the collective is well-established, each "organ" can relax and integrate fully. During the "lifespan" of this whale, individual "organs" serve almost exclusively their designated roles. An example: limbs and skin don't need to eat, process, clean, or pump food/blood around, and simply live off of the blood pumped to them. In an emergency situation, there is enough spare energy for members to restart these processes as necessary, and space isn't deadly to sajelos.

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