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"Salerium is often called the singing metal, and for good reason. Maritun will tell you how beautiful the sound it makes at deeper depths and pressures when exposed to water. Don Luisey performed an entire concert with glass tubes with adjustable pressures and carved salerium inside. While it has some use in chemical compounds and certain electronics now, for millennia it was simply a beautiful metal that made music. There's something wonderful about that."   Sana Cross, An Ode to the Strange


Material Characteristics

Salerium is a pale silver with thin blue veins when mined. It can be refined down to the silver alone for use in technology, but it loses its distinctive audible aspect when this is done.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Salerium is a reasonable magical conductor that can also pass electricity. While not the most efficient, it is cheaper than many alternatives, and can be found in low cost alternative products.   Noticably, salerium will begin to produce a clear musical sound when under pressure, the pitch shifting with the level of pressure - but only when submerged in water. On land it is merely useful, but the Maritun have long argued for the metal as an instrument.

Geology & Geography

It can only be mined below sea level, though the sea itself is not necessary. Some amount of water is required as it is forming for it to contain the audible properties however. It is most commonly found in Northern Mukasi, Sautinia, and Hildago.

History & Usage

Cultural Significance and Usage

The instrument built of salerium is known most commonly as a salerinet, and usually consists of several tubes of water with an enchantment to pressurise the insides. Occasionally "manual" salerinets are found that pressurise the water through gauges and pumps.


When put under great pressure without the application of water, it has been known to occasionally explode and shatter.


It reportedly is mostly metallic, but with a salt like aftertaste.
Melting / Freezing Point
It is resistant to heat - Maritun were only able to shape it by taking it volcanic vents.

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