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Numen Crowns

The Numen crowns, more commonly known as the Radiant Crowns or Ascendant Crowns, are artifacts crafted from the shards of the Anorsil, the original crown. Countless wars have been fought over these relics as they hold great power in the ability to alter the metaphysical laws of the world, but they are also seen as a status symbol and many an empire has been forged under the bearer of such a crown.   There are countless crowns now although this was not always the case, over time when the crowns began to lay in the hands of mortals and their demigods these very demigods would craft relics holding fragments of power from the crowns they possessed and distribute them amongst their most trusted vassals creating the vassal crowns. Because there are many vassal crowns descended from their respective "liege" such as the Crowns of fire and Ice under the Crown of Elements, only the original crowns reforged from the Anorsil will be listed.   Death - Lost on Mekhar   Destiny - ???   Dreams - Lost in Aontas   Destruction - ???, last Held by Dragon god Htirex   Desire - ???   Grace - Believed to be in Exileon   Virtue - Held by Anuriel the Radiant   Elements - Held by Queen Cerune of Lirlyn   Aether - ???   Life - Held by High King Haerondir of Avethyria   Time - Held by Dragon god Htirex   Creation - Held by Dragon god Valisha   Space - Held by Dragon god Zhallac   Holders of a crown are known as Monarchs and there are two distinct groups among them the Radiants, who believe the crowns should be gathered together to reforge the Crown of the Progenitor, and the Tyrants who in opposition to the Radiants believe it is the folly of the gods to allow the original crown to shatter in the first place and have deemed it their right to wear the crowns. A few Monarchs believe if they reforge the original crown they will attain godhood for which they are not wrong as a single crown alone is powerful enough to change the world they may become as powerful as Valutar.   However, the Numen Crowns aren't all-powerful without the help of a Divine Throne. A crown alone could give the bearer power over its respective concept allowing them to manipulate the natural world to great effect, but a Divine Throne allows a Monarch to change the very fundamentals of its law. This was seen when the Crown of Death was stolen and the concept of death altered resulting in an end to the cycle of reincarnation and souls losing their way even to the point where some could not just die. There are only three Divine Thrones originally held and protected by the Dragons, Titans, and Aelvar respectively, the dragons still hold their Divine throne now used as a seat of power for the Dragon God-king Htirex. The Titans lost their throne during the Quaking, an event that saw the end of most of their species, this throne would be rediscovered by the Astari after the first Aetherfall. The Aelvar kept their throne inside the Dreaming City in Aontas although it was destroyed when Human magi invaded the realm and killed Ailrun, the lord of Dreams.   The Numen Crowns come in many different forms some look like what one would think of a typical crown, others seem more like halos and many aren't made of metal such as the crown of Death which seems to be made of blood or the crown of life which seems to be made of pure light.


The Numen crowns were first crafted by the Dragon god Anuil after he had slain his brothers and which caused the Anorsil to shatter leading to the first Aetherfall. Before Anuil left this world it is said he gathered the shards of the Anorsil and reforged them into what we now know as the Numen Crowns. He would then go on to bestow the crowns upon his children to protect as the wardens of Saera.   As a courtesy, the Dragon Azeas gifted the Aelvar the crowns of Death, Life, and Dreams who in turn gave these crowns to their descendants the elves to be kept inside the great trees. When the Astari returned to Saera they annihilated the nation of Ilvanyor home of the ancient elves and the Great trees the moon elves would lose the Crown of Death but the Sun elves would manage to escape with the Crown of life along with a seed of the Great tree Ardrasylve. The Astari would then use the Crown of Death to end all reincarnation before being sealed back on Mekhar along with the Crown.   As with the Aelvar, the Titans were gifted Crowns from Azeas the crowns of Desire, Destiny, and Elements respectfully. These crowns would be lost along with their Divine Throne during the Quaking where their race was all but destroyed. Of these crowns, the Crown of Elements would be recovered and change hands frequently before being held by its current owners the Sylvan elves in Lirlyn.
Item type
Unique Artifact

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Cover image: Melting Crown by Phantomrin


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