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The Steps of Spring


Originally derived from one of the games the ArchFey played when deciding which human to choose, the residents of Gedic have forgotten the origins and made it their own in the ages gone by. Today the Steps of Spring is celebrated across the continent as love is professed and either accepted or rejected. As of late merchants have begun to gather and sell ornate and exotic flowers to hopeful pursuers who wish to impress their beloved.


The courtship part of the ritual begins in spring when either the man or woman chooses their loved one, to show their love the pursuer will craft a wreath from flowers, grasses, and various plant life, the time and effort in the creation denoted the pursuers attention and devotion, a larger and more ornate wreath showing they care more but one that is too ostentatious and overly made shows an unhealthy obsession. The pursuer will than lay the wreath before their beloved to show they are willing and want to pitch woo. Should their beloved wear the crown their courtship will begin otherwise the beloved will trample the crown and the pursuer will be rebuked.

Components and tools

Wreaths are crafted from nature dependent on the crafter and their opinions of their beloved as well as what is available to them. A fisherman chasing after a milk maid might find milkweed and lily bound together with twine and fishing line to craft the wreath while a merchant might craft a wreath of laurels painted in gold.


There are two people involved: the pursuer and the beloved.


As it is named Steps of Spring are often preformed in the spring after the flowers have begun to bloom. In more industrial locations where snow and flowers are more scarce the Steps of Spring being midway into the second month.
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