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Primordial Plane

Drawn from the shadows of the First and Second worlds the Primordial Plane is the existence of the untamed wild and eternal wilderness.


The plane greatly resembles the second world have mortals not gained dominance. Here Guyre and the Hunger hunt freely. Druids who became one with nature and the spirits of the slain animals all come to the primeval plane. Filled with giant forests that have never been tamed and lush valleys where only the beasts roam. Osbus and the other gods may pass through but few feel comfortable within the domain of the primal God and Saint.

Fauna & Flora

All flora and fauna that exists and used to exist can be seen in this plane, though without mortals to tend to the creatures and plants all have become more wild and grown with abandon.

Natural Resources

The natural resources from this plane are staggering as they have been untouched by anything. Though planar travelers are warned the materials here hold the wild within everything and should you survive long enough harvest there are those who would take offense at despoiling the natural order.

Alternative Name(s)
The Eternal Wilderness, The Endless Forest, and Natures Home
Dimensional plane

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