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One of the oldest gods when the first mortals knew only fear and hunger, the mortals lived in caves and stared out into jungles and forests that were death traps taking all but the strongest. Guyre represented all the dangers that those verdant lands possessed. Sacrifices were made to Guyre to sate it’s blood before a hunt and as civilization grew so did Guyre diminish. There are a few who still follow Guyre as it’s teachings were passed down from each generation. Guyre shows no mercy and provides only to those strong enough to take what they want.

Divine Domains

Plant, Strength, Destruction

Holy Books & Codes

Guyre holds no books or written words and instead prefers followers spread his teachings through word of mouth.

Tenets of Faith

The commands from Guyre are few but straightforward:  

  • Respect nature and give it proper veneration
  • Suffer not the convenience as it leads to weakness
  • Give unto Guyre what is due to him

Divine Goals & Aspirations

All shall be reclaimed to the garden as it once was. From the ruins of past we see nature reclaiming all, and try as man might there is no vanquishing plants from this world. While some wait and proclaim the truth others still do as they will to push nature back.

Divine Classification

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